4 Hands Tantra Massage Therapy

We are so happy to announce that in July we will be able to offer you the amazing experience of 4 hands Tantra massage!

4 hands tantra massage it is a very special form of therapy who allows you to be pampered by two therapists in an magical symphony of synchronized movements making you feel like heavenly paradise.

Your awareness will expand and integrate the inner and the outer, the spiritual and the erotic, bringing heaven in your body, mind and spirit.

We already started to do the bookings for this unique technique with two therapists running through your body at the same time, to offer you unbelievable sensations that will take you to paradise.

Book your appointment as soon as possible! 

You can read here more details about tantra massage therapy for men and tantra massage therapy for women.


The cost of the 4 hands tantra massage therapy session is:

90 min …… 3750 kr

2 hours ….. 4500 kr


What our clients say:

„I think I have visited heaven. That’s how I experienced the unique 2-hour 4-hand massage I received in July from my tantra goddesses.

They welcomed me with warm hugs and showed me into Lori’s new, beautiful studio. After a preparatory smiling conversation, I was allowed to shower, and so the session began with the three of us standing wrapped in thin beautiful sarongs. In a prayer-like text, Lori helped us relax muscle by muscle in our bodies and begin deep breathing together, after which they both slowly began to circle around me with light caressing fingers and hands around my body.

Then I had to lie face down on the big soft mattress, and so began a treatment I can only describe as absolutely heavenly. To have four super-sensitive tantra-trained professional hands working slowly, deeply and in total synchronization over one’s body is probably one of the most wonderful things a person can experience.

Like nimble, shameless angels from another time, they moved around me in ever-new positions. One moment they were sitting on each side of me caressing, the next moment one was kneeling above me and working from head down all over my back and the other between my legs working with feet, legs and pelvic floor, to instead suddenly start using different parts of their bodies as massage tools. And when my entire back was caressed, pressed and treated into the kingdom of heaven, it was time for a turnaround. Gladly!

For now I would also enjoy the sight of these angels, and be greeted by the sweetest, gentlest smiles on earth. They sat on each side of me there on the mattress with each hand on my chest, and I understood that now I will be taken to an even higher level.

Then they began – synchronized and coordinated in the most lovely ways – massaging my entire front, from face to toes.

The few times I managed to open my eyes during this total enjoyment I was met with perhaps the most beautiful smiles I have seen in my entire life. So full of gentle care, purposeful intensity, total presence and an intimacy so strong that it could almost be touched – yes, maybe even love. The whole thing was a breathtaking hour I would like to relive many times over, but now instead get to save close to my heart for the rest of my life.

The session was over, I remained in the deep feeling for a long time but finally managed to open my eyes fully – and what happens?

Well, both of them now come and lie down with their lovely smiles on either side of me, close, close to my body – and we start talking, about everything! About the session, how I feel, how everything feels, I shower them with praise, they respond with beautiful appreciation and affirmations and everything is just absolutely wonderful. We laugh and make noise and everything is just wonderful.

It became a unique and completely fabulous quarter of my life, in fact unparalleled in my now four-year-long tantric journey with numerous tantric meetings.

A moment of intimate friendship – and maybe love? – I will never forget.

So the time is up, I get up from the mattress, but get new curious questions and we continue to talk. I get a nice glass of water, get dressed, and get the two nicest, most heartfelt hugs this summer. They welcome me back at any time, and every now and then I get such a desire to return.

Then it’s all over, and I walk out of the studio, down the stairs and into the sunlight with one big smile all over me.” (Per)