Tantra massage therapy for men

Tantra massage therapy relaxes the body, awakens the heart while bringing the mind into the present moment.
This unique therapy massage unites tenderness and eroticism with awareness.

Our massage is a sacred art, a deep meditation and a holy communion between your body, mind and spirit.

During it, we approach eroticism with heightened awareness and devotion.

The therapy that we offer is characterized by a healing-loving touch that is filled by presence and consciousness.

Huge amounts of energies are released in a man’s body when he experiences high levels of erotic excitement. We call it, erotic energy, and with the help of an energetic massage like tantra massage, we are awaking it.

Through this awakening, the man becomes more aware of his eroticism and thus he learns how to integrate it in his consciousness. Through this he transforms it into a more elevated type of energy as: love, self-confidence, trust, deep intimacy, also he gains confidence in his erotic qualities. Mostly this will be depending on his sublime intentions and inner longings.

Your reasons in wanting to experience a tantric massage with its beauty and richness, could be that you still struggle with some conditions or perhaps just out of curiosity; wanting to know what it feels like to taste the divine nectar of a spiritual Tantra massage.

Conditions and experiences which we commonly support in our sessions of tantra massages with men, include:

erectile issues (for example, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation)

experiencing orgasms without ejaculation (sexual continence)

anorgasmia (lack of orgasms)

emotional intimacy issues

physical intimacy issues

past sexual trauma, physical and emotional abuse

sexuality following cancer treatment

deepening connection for couples

body dysmorphia

addictions (especially pornography and sex)


As we said before, the Tantra massage can be used as a healing tool, a form of therapy. It contains a series of yogic practices (involving breathing, sounds, movement, mudra-s, guided meditations) for enhancing intimacy, a way of experiencing deep and profound love.

Tantra massage therapy may and should be a way of achieving mystical experiences, because during it you can also experience glimmers of transcendence and also the awareness that we yearn for something more in this world.

In order to understand what the Tantric authentic spiritual therapy should be, we must begin by defining the terms Shiva and Shakti.

Shiva represents the manifestation of the masculine principle. Shakti represents the manifestation of the feminine principle. Tantric eroticism involves the re-enactment on a personal level of that creative process which is constantly taking place on a cosmic level. This is the interplay between Shiva and Shakti, like a continuous ecstatically erotic fusion.

Shiva is consciousness, Shakti is energy, creativity, power as manifest in matter.

Each of us, humans, are a microcosmic embodiment of this cosmic qualities, each of us are divine.

We can also say that every human is androgynous and that we all contain both Shiva and Shakti, regardless of biological gender.

Consciousness (Shiva) without power (Shakti) is impotent; but if consciousness without power is impotent, power without consciousness is blind – unfocused and unproductive.

Power needs direction, but if you have direction without power, nothing happens. That’s why a tantric experience brings together, in a very conscious way, the manifestations of polar opposites, the embodiment of the eternal process of creation, the manifestation of the divine couple.

An authentic tantric massage requires a very different attitude, one of reverence toward the other one, and a commitment from both, man and therapist, to approach it as a tool for consciousness expansion and a means in experiencing transcendence, in finding divinity.

The cost of the tantra massage therapy session is:
90 min……2500 sek
2 hours……3000 sek
2,5 hours…..4000 sek
3 hours……5000 sek

We recommend that you make an appointment with at least 3 days in advance. 

Our suggestion is that you to book a counselling session before your first massage therapy.

When you make a booking, you book the time of whole session. That includes: introducing talk, shower (before/after) and a massage itself. Please respect that we really must follow a sessions length. Therefore, we recommend you to always book enough time for yourself!

For delays of more than 15 minutes, the duration of the therapy will be reduced by the duration of your delay.

What you should know about Tantra Massage

Tantra massage is not an erotic massage or a sexual service.

Sessions do NOT include sexual services, such as intercourse, oral satisfaction, „happy ending”, kissing etc. Our boundaries will be respected and honoured at all times.

Thank you for not asking for any sexual services.

You are not allowed to touch the therapist during the session.

The session is like a meeting between you and yourself and all you are required to do is to relax fully and to aim your attention to your inner being. Leave „doing” behind and surrender to „being” instead. Your body will award you with an ecstatic state.

It is not necessary for you to have an erection during this experience because it’s not intended to be a “sexual performance.”

The benefits of the tantric massage are that taking the focus away from ejaculation, you have an erotic therapeutic experience without pressure of performing, getting anywhere or „doing” anything.

Tantra teaches us to be authentic, to be real and there is no pressure for the outcome.

Tantra massage therapy is a great way to deal with erection dysfunction. Tantra massage helps you to feel the connection between your heart and your lingam.

The Tantric teaching of moving energy advises that the energy is circulated until the desire to explode into ejaculation is gone, and you reach a meditative state. The idea is that explosive orgasm which results in ejaculation leads to loosing energy. If you instead keep the sexual energy moving around the body, you will be filled with vitality and creativity.

The massage can include some body to body contact.

During the session the therapist is massaging the body with arms, knees and it is possible that she may lay on your body or embrace you. Every session is different and unique.
There will never be any erotic sliding or touching of your private parts by the therapist’s genital area during the session.

Shower is requested prior to the massage therapy – We offer all necessary items in this aspect.

Before each spiritual ritual, the body is washed thoroughly with the intention of purifying it and “washing” away all fears, anxieties and preparing for the therapy experience.