About Vox Amoris

In 2015 I created Vox Amoris, a concept that benefits an active community with over 10.000 members – wonderful people who believe in the miracle and sublimity of eros.

Through every activity we organize, we put the spotlight on eroticism, we redefine sexuality and demystify taboos that limit erotic and spiritual evolution, we bring the sacred into the profane and challenge the wrong ways one can perceive sexuality, as being vulgar and shameful.

We believe in thinking and acting differently!

In merging eros with all beautiful aspects of life, including the spiritual one.

Together we unravel the mysteries of intimacy, of the couple, we learn about the art of making love, the art of always being in love, feminine and masculine, the difference between sexual energy and erotic energy (sexuality vs eroticism), about the therapeutic aspects of eroticism.

This concept is meant to inspire those who aspire to reach a higher level of consciousness by using perfectly mastered sexual energy, those who wish to discover the wonderful realm of pure erotic energy with their loved one. 

Over the years, we have organised numerous workshops, movie nights and thematic events as part of the Vox Amoris Romania project.


In 2020 I have moved to Stockholm because I urged my heart to follow the path of love, so I started building Vox Amoris Sweden.

We specialize in bodywork, tantra massage, yoni massage, couples counseling, intimacy therapy, conscious touch, tao and tantra techniques, spiritual eroticism.

Our legacy is the valuable information and practical guidance we have offered over the years to all who are open to receive it.

Knowledge and experience, balancing theory with direct experience – this is what helps all of us bringing awareness to the erotic energy, to use it like an engine for personal development and spiritual growth.

Through touch and practices we provide, we are transmitting knowledge, love, energy and even states of consciousness.

The services we are offering are a genuine path of self development, life wisdom, erotic and spiritual freedom.

We are here to offer what human need: loving and conscious touch.

We are honored to be in the service of LOVE!

Loredana Pulpan