Celebrating love

Celebrating Love is a program based on Sacred Eroticism who will introduce your couple in the realm of conscious touch and the tantric art of love. 

This program will offer you valuable resources and very important instruments and techniques to increase the intimacy in your couple, between your bodies, minds and souls.

The therapist is creating for you a safe space to bring more awareness in the core of the couple, to explore the strengths of your relationship, to discover new delights of intimacy, to awaken within amazing resources for love, to open up and to learn how to refresh your intimacy, how to navigate the stages of an intimate relationship with love, trust, harmony, hope and enthusiasm.

Celebrating Love contains:

30 min of counseling to discover what are your real needs, what are you longing for, how to improve your intimacy

2 hours and 30 min of workshop - the therapist is providing you the right tools, resources, benchmarks, practices, is guiding you through an amazing ritual of Love, to create a healthy foundation for a fulfilling relationship, to help you to discover and to understand each other, to practice intimacy in a healthy way where both of you feel loved and loving, desirable and desired.

Every couple has the inevitable erotic challenges and moments of estrangement and reconnection, but much of them can be prevented or treated in a safe place, with a professional therapist.

Celebrating Love Program takes place in an environment full of respect, friendship, with love and trust prevailing.
We will learn to breath together in order to bring more intimacy in the relationship, to use the senses more consciously, to bring sacredness into the eroticism, to transfigure the loved one.

Celebrating Love is a door that gives us access to the most sublime aspects of intimacy and love.

We will consciously observe the manifestation of erotic energy within and around us, we will create new connection with the beloved one and with ourselves.

Our mission, like facilitators, is to create greater intimacy for the couple, to contribute to an even stronger loving and intimate connection, to help you rediscover the great beauty of your love story, to bring more strengthen to your relationship.