If in the counselling session we discuss topics of interest to you, in the workshops we practice together techniques to support your development, transformation and healing process. As you probably know, an ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.

Workshops can be done in couples as well as individually.

For workshops, I’ve brought together the most powerful and effective tools, teaching, and techniques from couples therapy, relationship coaching, Taoist and Tantric techniques, bodywork, spiritual domain.

Guided meditations,

Taoist practices for awakening and energizing the erotic energy,

Hatha Yoga (yoga of body postures),

Prana Yama (yoghic practices of focusing on breath),

Techniques for transmutation and sublimation of sexual energy,

Rituals for deepening femininity,

Rituals for deepening masculinity and virility,

Rituals for deepening intimacy, awareness and modulation of erotic energy in a loving couple,

Conscious touch: how to touch your loved one with presence and tenderness,

Tantric love-making: the stages of love-making,

The techniques we perform together in a 1-to-1 sessions, aim to guide you to

reclaim your erotic power,

to make you understand your erotic life,

to learn all about your body,

to bring consciousness in your pleasure,

to alchemise emotional pain,

to deepen self-love,

to reconnect with your heart,

to learn the art of sexual continence,

to learn the art of sexual continence,

to work with your sexual energy in order to develop everything you want in your life,

to use the sexual energy – the energy of creation, to grow also your financial abundance,

to access divine feminine and masculine spiritual power.

It is very important to address the relationship problems as soon as possible, if we ignore problems the relationship will accumulate wounds and inevitably intimacy will be damaged and erode over time.

Low self-esteem, lack of orgasms, premature ejaculation, pain during penetration and erection issues are some of the problems that couples may face. 

And while sexual connection is not the only important factor in a relationship, it impact many spheres of love life, causing unpleasant consequences. 

Eroticism requires conscious, assumed, mature attention, playfulness, curiosity and even a state of devotion.


The techniques we perform together in a couple workshop session:

will provide you with insights and tools to foster further closeness, intimacy, erotic fulfillment,

If your relationship is distressed, the workshop will provide you with a greater understanding of your erotic stage and a road map for repair,

We will create an Erotic Emotional Bank Account that you can draw upon in times of stress,

Learn examples of erotic activities,

Recapture the magic that first brought you together,

Discovery your untapped erotic potential, to learn how to nurture this potential, and to make your relationship blossoms,

Create simple rituals that help you to stay connected with your eroticism,

Experience the healing power of intimacy to repair old wounds in your relationship,

To make love in a spiritual way: sacred eroticism.

Learn the art of Tenderness,

Our couples workshops aim to take your relationship from mostly functional to truly fulfilling and erotically nurturing.

Please, invest now in your relationship, so you can grow and blossom together, not apart.

You can choose between personal or online workshop.

It is required a counselling session before the workshop.


2250 kr … 1 hour.

3 sessions * 1 hour : 6500 kr

5 sessions* 1 hour : 10500 kr

Workshops include also follow-up.