💛 “The journey of self-knowledge”, that’s how I would call Loredana’s therapy.

It is a sacred therapy of self-discovery, of healing, of releasing our limitations in the erotic area.

Loredana’s way of doing this therapy reminds me of the ancient priestesses, the priestesses of the goddess Isis.

Every moment, every touch is charged with love and light.

I felt a lot of love and support throughout the therapeutic process and the experience was extraordinary.

I cried, I laughed, I felt my body as I have never felt it before: alive, in pleasure and satisfaction!

I am so glad that I was able to receive such a therapy, essential I could say in healing the woman in me and for the full manifestation of femininity.

Each of us has traumas, blockages that we don’t even realize.

Loredana’s therapy is liberating!

I feel lighter, my body is at peace, quiet and looking forward to enjoying the pleasures of human life.”

💛 “Hi Loredana, I want to come back to your question about how I’m feeling, because the night I answered you I couldn’t quite grasp the experience, it was still abstract. But, in the days that followed, I realized that the connection between my mind and my body has been effectively restored and I feel replenished.

That evening, after I left, I met up with some friends and I noticed that I was feeling myself, after a very long time of always having a subtle sense of emptiness that I was always trying to fill, to somehow motivate my place on Earth.

Now I feel that I deserve to be and that I know how to be and that I am full of myself. It’s a wonderful feeling and I’m so happy to finally experience it.

Thank you so much! You are an incredibly brave woman and you are doing an extremely important thing that many women need so much, even if they are not aware of it.

The first person I thought I wish have this experience was my mother, but it would probably be much more difficult for her to afford it.

I hope to heal through me all the women in my family who haven’t had the blessing of living their womanhood and feeding off it.

Thank you so much! 🙏❤️ “

💛 “I have now put you on top of my blog list for Tantra therapists of Stockholm. (…) I put you on top because you outmatch everyone else I have treated by in this town (ca 24).

If you are not comfortable by this, please tell me, but to my expertise and knowledge that is with no doubt where you should be.

What I hope for is of course that your first class tantric massage technique and philosphy will be spread in the Swedish tantra world. And that you will be invited to lead courses and educations for Swedish terapists.

That would be some development worth longing for!”

💛 “I had a wonderfully fantastic time with Lori, she’s amazing and just out of the world.”

💛 “I can only confirm that Loredana’s massage touches not only the body, but your soul. I felt both nourishing and awakened afterwards.”

💛 “It is a wonder and big mystery for me, and I love that feeling and the experience in so many ways it is hard to put in words.”

💛 “Dear Loredana, I just want to express how grateful I am for the fantastic journey you took me on this afternoon. Still, a few hours later, I am overwhelmed.“

💛 “Thanks for a fantastic meeting! It has really stayed with me. You are truly beautiful and divine.”

💛 “The massage I received was perhaps the most sensitive, intimate and emotional ever during my now three-year tantra journey!

The lovely slowness and the focus she worked with created such an intense stillness in the beautiful room that it was almost palpable. (…)

But the strongest experience that stayed with me afterwards was Loredana’s absolute, almost goddess-like presence in the room. She moved smoothly around and over me without shyness with a smile that is one of the most beautiful I have enjoyed in life.

As usual, I had an incredibly hard time opening my eyes, but when I sometimes opened them I almost drowned in her amazing eyes.”

💛 “I really didn’t know what to expect considering this was my first time. But after I met Lori, the way she greeted and welcomed made me feel confident that I was at the right place. Start of the session was so mesmerizing that I forgot where I was with the way I was touched. The grace with which she moved around me, calming me and helping me come to my senses through conscientious and delicate touch and breathing techniques took me to a completely different universe in a way that made me feel like I was in heaven. The confidence and control she displayed took my breath away. Each moment felt completely mesmerizing, like I was taking a dive into the deep waters of the ocean.

The first thing I noticed was a smile on Lori’s face and her warmth. It’s not just about the way she massaged my body, but also the conversations we both had, told me she’s as intellectual as beautifully elegant in making me feel highly important. The total silence she made me experience was a high I’d always want to come back to.

You’re too good to be true. Such a wonderful soul. Can’t wait to be back. True bliss and peace.”

💛 ”Dear Loredana,

You put my personal development into words and explanations that are all new to me, but immediately feels right on the spot. I am beginning to understand that you are not only a great writer on erotica and a tantra healer of world class, you are also a spiritual master and maybe leader, so fascinating.

I am deeply thankful that I discovered you in this world and this life.”

💛 “A blend of sweetness, intelligence, generosity, wisdom, sensuality and faith, Loredana does a special therapy. She is, for me, a modern priestess. She brings the Light into eroticism and teaches us that eroticism is not just for pleasure or reproduction, but is also a perfect path to spiritual evolution.

I love and appreciate her delicate, feminine, yet courageous, firm and unwavering way of her soul’s mission – to educate us, to refine us, to be our inspiration and support on the path of self-becoming. I am happy to know her, to know that she is our contemporary, that she inspires us tirelessly through all that she is and all that she publishes.” (A. D.)

💛 “Loredana represents the voice of femininity and refined eroticism. Loredana can also be seen as a fearless explorer into frontier realms, mostly unexplored and controversial with the intention of alchemizing and elevating the general perspective on sexuality. She is at the same time the High Priestess because she embodies several archetypes such as Initiator, Alchemist, Healer, Queen, but also Mediatrix. She knows how to mirror in a conscious, mature and elegant way – Mistress, Lover, Friend, Confidant and Counsellor. She often represents the courageous voice of women who wish to express their sensuality, femininity, beauty, refinement, eroticism in elevated and sublime forms. She can be the guide and mediator who assists you to explore diverse perspectives on sexuality and eroticism. (I.C.)

💛 “When you say Loredana, you say eroticism. But who is the woman behind such a controversial subject? As I know her now, the woman is the symbol of simplicity. Feminine and smiling, she always elevates love and eroticism to the level of art. It’s part of her. Loredana is the woman sent to open souls to the love she speaks so passionately about! She inspires, motivates and gives forth what we lack: the courage to explore sexuality. Thank you my dear for the lessons we learned together!” (N. S.)

💛 “When I say Lori, I feel any inner turmoil and storms dissolve; explaining with naturalness and grace, it seems any topic or issue that seems complicated, she outlines in simplicity.

Written and conveyed with great wisdom and love, the words, sentences, lines and pages are full of answers to questions I’ve never dared to say out loud, full of precious information that transcends the limits of reason and thought and reaches straight to the heart and there it flourishes.

Her presence is like a portal through which one steps easily into a divine world, a world full of bright hues and beauty, that inner world we all have but need guides to lead us home.” (B. S.)

💛 “Three years ago, I “accidentally” found an article that captivated me after the first few paragraphs. It made me look to see who the woman is who tackles sensitive subjects in such a deep and witty way. That’s how I discovered Loredana Pulpan. Since then, I have been fascinated by every article she writes.

When I need advice on sexuality, Loredana is one of the few people I turn to because I know I can find answers and solutions with her.

When I meet a woman who is unable to live her femininity or eroticism, I guide her to Loredana’s articles and the discussions in the community she has created.

Although it’s a walking library where the most valuable information on eroticism and spirituality is collected, that’s not the “something” that attracted me to Loredana. There are many such libraries, but very few have what Loredana has: passion, gentleness and love of people and the Divine, and her great gift is even rarer: she can glimpse the Divine in everyone. People’s souls open up when they feel this and so she can touch depths of the soul that very few can reach. She has brought from those depths many treasures, treasures that can guide people to that place where eroticism embraces love and Divinity. Some of these treasures he has gathered to offer to you through the book he has written.

If you want to know authentic femininity, it’s time to meet Loredana. There are few women who breathe femininity the way Loredana does.” (C. D.)

💛 “Lori is the kind of person who transforms everything she touches. Everything that bears her imprint has an added value rarely seen in this space of personal development, self-awareness and self-love. I absorb everything that comes from her with great interest and admiration. All have helped me enormously, I have been able to unlock a lot of stagnant energy that was causing me physical and emotional pain, so I am deeply grateful to Loredana’s work and to the Universe for giving it to us!

There are few people I resonate with as well as I do with Lori, and my life has improved dramatically since her work has poured into my life.” (E. G.)

💛 “I’ve known Loredana for a few months but I can say I’ve known her forever. For me she was a help sent by the Universe that I prayed for during that difficult period.

I felt her from the beginning as a sister, as a woman who could understand and advise me. She manages to embrace me and support me with her warm and wise presence and words. She is very dear to me and I feel that I have created a bond with her that nourishes me continuously.” (M.)

💛 “I watched her with admiration and read her articles. How does such a beautiful, intelligent and gentle woman have the courage to write about femininity and sexuality? A conselling session convinced me. With courage and patience she opens locks of the heart unknown to us. Thank you Loredana!” (M. C.)

💛 “You know, woman what’s beautiful about you?


You are pure energy and warm beauty!

There are many words to say, to put down on paper how beautiful your soul is, but whoever wants to “know” you can only really KNOW you: to look at you, to talk to you, to listen to you, to enjoy your smile, to schedule time to be with you at least for a moment, and it would be enough. You are that soul that if only blessed to see you for a moment, to cross paths with you for a moment, it is possible to be transformed without knowing where it comes from. I know such a soul and so are you!

Blessing incarnate!” (A. T.)

💛 “Can you talk about deep personal development without the development of erotic intelligence? I would say NO. That’s why I’m glad that Loredana has the courage, the theoretical knowledge and the direct experience necessary to hold for the first time an effervescent debate (not just a passive discourse) about eros and its living links with spirituality, emotional well-being and the notion of well being in general. With an unmistakably feminine passion, Loredana demystifies with her community taboos and recovers in the virtual environment the teachings of millenary traditions, dressing them in advice applicable to the increasingly ambiguous intimacy of this digital age. A wonderful way to support more and more people’s journey to themselves!” (O. P.)

💛 “I met Loredana one autumn evening. On October 8, 2018 to be exact. I was invited to a teahouse to watch a film and then discuss it. She was the hostess. The kind of host who is attentive to every detail so that the meeting is perfect. From the moment I walked in the door I was fascinated by the energy and beauty that the woman in red, Loredana, conveyed. Until then I knew her from online, I really appreciated her work and the way she presented herself. Loredana is a muse for me, a woman who inspires me again and again. Balanced, warm, open to knowledge, to exploration, she makes everything vibrate and come alive.

The sensuality, femininity, beauty, kindness, generosity, empathy with which she has been endowed, make her a wonderful, complete woman, a woman who every day climbs another step towards her destiny, perfectly blending as in a sublime dance the human with the divine. It is poetry and song. I always read it with great fondness, because Loredana writes sublimely about love, about relationships, with well-researched advice for both women and men. I admire her style when she writes, when she dresses, when she speaks, when she gives seminars. Loredana is passion. She puts heart and love into everything she does.

Thank you, Loredana, for being a part of my life and learning so much from you. Good luck in everything you do!” (B. L. C.)

💛 „Something changed lately. I have changed. I don’t remember the exact moment when some irreversible reaction took place within the atoms of my body, but it’s definitely there. I can feel it every waking moment.

It must be the world’s oldest cliche, but I never believed something like this could happen to me. With every person I pass on the street these thoughts go through my mind:  do people really see that I am changed man? Do they have any idea how lucky I feel right now?

Because this is definitely luck. We use different names for it : faith, destiny, luck, providence .. But in the end it’s the same feeling that although cannot be put into words, we try nevertheless.

It’s like all my senses have been amplified a thousand times and each experience, no matter how insignificant, like taking a shower, brushing my teeth or taking the metro , has become surreal. I keep getting these flashbacks, but something is wrong with them. They don’t feel like remembrance, but more like expressions of things I desire. It seems as though the past, present and future have all merged in those moments and I am able to move freely on the scale of time. Like I have never meet her before and, at the same time, like I have known her all my life.

With each hour that passes I feel my enhanced senses are fading. I feel like a planet that orbits around a powerful star, and that planet just got to the nearest point and now it’s starting again to move away from the sun. My surface still holds the heat, but the warmth it’s slowly going away. Or like waking up from an intense dream: during the first few seconds everything seems so real , your heart is pumping very fast and your brain it’s trying to understand what’s happening, until the veil falls back and you realize it wasn’t real. But this was not a dream, far from it.. it never felt more alive. There’s a part of my mind which keeps on going as if nothing has happened, taking care care of day to day things and ignoring this transformation of mine, and I guess that’s fine, somehow I have to move forward, i have to make it to our next encounter…

There is this one thought that keeps popping up in my head, and it keeps on nagging me, like a small, curly child who keeps asking if he can pet all the animals in the world. What if.. What if I’d never set my gaze upon her eyes ? What if I would have never known the touch of her gold skin, the perfume of her hair, or feel her soft breath in the palm of my hand ?

Sometimes you have to take a chance on something that defies all reason. You have to jump and hope that someone is going to catch you. And she did catch me.

My heart and mind keep coming to the same conclusion after each moment spent with her: I  guess this is how heaven must feel like. She was blessed with a gift that is out of this world, but at the same time, she is more in contact with this world than anyone I know.

And when I collide with her, for the first time in my life, I feel like I found meaning.”