About Lori

My dear,

I would like to share with you some thoughts about my journey, about how I got on this path of conscious eroticism.

…I still remember, with the same intensity, the emotions and thrills that ran through my whole body when I first heard, as a child, what it means to make love, about the fact that man and woman are naked and love each other, touching, kissing, uniting their bodies.

Later I learned that this is how they also unite their souls.

This idea awakened burning whirlwinds in me, longings long lost in the mists of time, my body was aflame and my mind wanted to hear more and more details.

I felt that love making is the gateway to great happiness, to freedom, to fulfilment, to ecstasy. I felt I had discovered the greatest Truth in the world! 

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Then I began to seek to quench my thirst for knowledge through various books. I was reading, but I always felt that there was more, that there was something hidden, that no one was saying what was really valuable, that hidden, mysterious, spiritual something that is discovered and lived through the meeting of bodies in love, in intimacy.

I have discovered that there is much talk about love, but we are not taught how to love and how to stay in love. So I started studying the texts of tantric treatises, the Taoist art of love, yoga, ayurveda, psychology, philosophy, sociology, the art of massage, meditation, conscious eroticism, about connection, intimacy, creativity and spiritual energy.

I have studied erotic literature starting with the Marquis de Sade, Apollinaire, continuing with Henry Miller and his beloved Anais Nin, and contemporary literature with prominent authors such as Nik Douglas and Penny Slinger, Julius Evola, Mantak Chia etc.

I was very happy when I came across the book “Tantra” by Daniel Odier, a French author who recounts his experience with a tantric master who initiates him into Tantric Shivaism. In that book and in the Tantric and Taoist treatises I studied afterward, I found some answers to my questions. The others I found in my personal practice.

Questions still arise in this journey of the spiritual path, which is very dynamic. I have transformed the teachings into attitude. And attitude into aptitude.

I have gained lessons, not only through courses, but especially through ongoing work with myself, through coaching and counselling sessions with women, men and couples (to whom I am deeply grateful for opening up to me and sharing the mysteries of their souls and lives) and through hundreds of tantra massage therapy sessions – magical therapy for the soul and body.

All of this is a relentless journey of discovering and healing together.

In 2015 I created Vox Amoris, a concept that benefits an active community with over 10.000 members – wonderful people who believe in the miracle and sublimity of eros.

In 2021 I published my third book called „The Erotic rEvolution” which was sold out in half a year.

The most valuable investment I made was the timeout into individual study, practice and participation in countless pieces of training and courses in the spiritual and psychological area. I am also a lifelong student and I am committed to doing my inner work to become an even better therapist for others – I am here to do the work right beside you!

Below you can read more about some of my certifications:

  • Psycho-sexology course accredited by the Romanian College of Psychologists;
  • Specialist training programme: “The Conscious Couple. Science Dedicated to the Couple.” certified by the Romanian College of Psychologists. Psych. Domnica Petrovai;
  • I am certified as a personal development counsellor accredited by ANC;
  • I am certified as a trainer accredited by ANC;
  • In India I certified as a yoga teacher, crowning the individual practice I have been doing since I was 19. 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training – Jus Yoga School Rishikesh India;
  • Yoga Teacher for Trauma, Depression and Anxiety – Mental Health Yoga Teacher certified by Yoga Alliance;
  • International Massage Certification CPD;
  • Full Body Massage Certification CPD;
  • Training Professional Body Healing Coach;
  • Professional Addiction Counselling Certification by Continuing Professional Development;
  • Psychology of Human Sexuality with Bev Knox, Ph.D., from the Bev Knox Institute of Self-Enhancement;
  • Maha Mudra: Tantric Sexual Alchemy (Kriya Yoga Initiation) with Devatma Saraswati;
  • Mindfulness Diploma, accredited by the Complementary Medical Association and CPD;
  • Relationship Tantra – The Evolution of Intimacy with Ella Shannon, Accredited Counsellor, Behavioural Scientist and Clinical Sexologist;
  • Psychology Diploma, accredited by Continuing Professional Development;
  • Professional Psychotherapy Certificate, accredited by Continuing Professional Development;
  • Ayurveda Secret Marma Therapy Massage certified by Vidya Retreat;
  • Life Coaching Diploma, New Skills Academy Certificate;
  • Certification in Tantra Reiki (Level I, II and III – Master/Teacher) with Prof. Krishna N. Sharma, Ph.D.;
  • Crystal Healing Certification by the Complementary Medical Association and CPD;
  • Sound Healing Certification by the Complementary Medical Association and CPD;
  • Colour Therapy Certification by the Complementary Medical Association and CPD;
  • Naturopathy Certification by Continuing Professional Development;
  • Certification in Alternative Healing Therapies by the Complementary Medical Association and CPD;
  • Holistic Health Certification by Continuing Professional Development;
  • Art Therapy Certification by the New Skills Academy;
  • Reiki Diploma, accredited by the Complementary Medical Association and CPD;
  • Hormone Balance Course with doctor Oana Corfariu;
  • Advanced Yoni/Vaginal Steaming Certified by American Herbalists Guild;
  • Course “Living in two. The Practice of Love” from the School for Couples.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read all about my journey. I am waiting for you to start the journey into the mysteries of erotic realm.