Tantra massage for women

Our cherished,

We are grateful that you chose to work together and to receive an amazing, intimate and empowering tantra massage therapy session!

We are feeling honored to be part of your journey as a woman.

Together we can reveal your feminine essence, to heal your body and soul, to connect with your highest sublime feminine eroticism, to reach a deep fulfilment through this experience.

We are waiting for you to come to our meeting with a clear intention of an erotic, sensual, affective, feminine healing, awakening and development.

Together we will be enjoying this wonderful experience in an intimate setting, where you will feel safe and you’ll be guided to discover yourself and to listen to the whispers of your femininity!

Tantra teaches us an acceptance of who we are as a whole, from the solid density of our physical body to the refined layers of our spirit. It is concerned with the transmutation of the sexual energy, liberation of the mind from the shame, guilt, despair, suffering; attainment of one ’s full potential – the spiritual enlightenment.

Tantra massage is the transformation of sexual energy into love through awareness.

Tantra massage therapy is about as close to ourselves as we can get, it reaches, touches, and changes every cell of our bodies.

Exploring your profound femininity and your erotic universe through yoni tantric massage, you will discover how your feminine soul really is beneath all the social pretentions and conventions that we habitually use to cover up our deeper erotic selves.

Women have the native potential to live eroticism fully, as a conscious, guiding force.

Mother Nature, the Eternal Feminine, Maha Shakti, the Divine feminine, in her unswerving wisdom, has graced the female body with a special design so that the woman can experience the uplifting joy of multiple orgasms.

However, even though nature may have sincerely intended this for us, because of the society ’s decades long cultural double standard that shames women for the same sexual behaviors that it encourages in men and associates sexual desire with impurity, few women can say that they have genuine command over their orgasmic experiences. Maybe because they don’t know what they need, what they want, what is good for them, how they need to breath, how to embrace the gift of orgasm and erotic pleasure.

When the erotic unfulfillment and unhappiness become the normal of a woman’s life, the body gradually closes down and a general disinterest and disappointment in sexual activities begins to creep in, and the insecurity begins to erode every joy of a loving heart.

Not knowing the feminine body and the „how” of expansion into the feminine energy, automatically places a restriction and limitation on a woman’s experience of sex, and therefore of love.

Tantra massage therapy will show you the truth that your body is fully capable of experiencing deep, rich, fulfilling states of nurturing pleasure and orgasm.

You will become aware of your higher erotic and spiritual potential and how to access it and to manifest it.

Yoni massage have a natural healing and regenerative power through a divine grace.

Women are designed to experience altered states of consciousness during erotic fusion – states that engender a blissful experience of union with the whole of existence, to rise up in valleys of ecstatic orgasmic relaxation and peaks of orgasmic expression.

During a tantric yoni dearmouring therapy session you can discover the spiritual realm of pleasure – the most fulfilling gift human beings possess.

Warm embraces!

You are most welcome!

You can choose to have a session with a male therapist or a female therapist.

WHAT is a tantric yoni dearmouring therapy?
In Sanskrit, Yoni refers to the female sexual organs, associated with the idea of a „sacred temple”.
Yoni massage is a way to heal trauma and energy blockages accumulated by a woman over time, as well as a technique to activate and raise awareness of one’s own erotic energy.
It has been practised in India and China for more than 2000 years to heal and awaken women.

HOW is it performed?
In an intimate setting, both physically and emotionally, the therapist experienced in this particular type of massage uses their fingers, hands and whole body to create a state of relaxation, physical and mental relaxation, pleasure, understanding, acceptance and healing.

WHO is it for?

Yoni reflects emotional, sexual and relational trauma, which, if not healed, creates energetic blockages that manifest physically as:
– low libido
– pain on penetration
– lack of sensation in the vagina, a kind of numbness
– difficulty experiencing orgasm
– pain during sexual intercourse
– lack of lubrication
– pain during menstruation or menopause

This massage is recommended for all women who experience such conditions, as well as for those who want to activate their erotic energy.
It can also be an unforgettable gift for a loved one or a dear friend.

Benefits of tantra yoni dearmouring therapy

1. Eliminates trauma and helps to raise awareness of deficient emotional mechanisms, increasing orgasmic potential.

2. Eliminates premenstrual syndrome, eliminates pain during sexual intercourse, protects us from significant health problems such as: back pain, tightness in the chest, low libido, low appetite, helps delay menopause, etc.

3. Gives better vitality, energization, security, self-confidence and manifest all aspects of femininity.

4. Improves couple relationship and social life.

Demystifying taboos about yoni massage

Taboo: Yoni massage is only for single women or those who also prefer intimate relationships with other women.
Truth: Absolutely not. Yoni massage is for all women concerned about femininity, health and eroticism in their lives, regardless of their sexual orientation and marital status.

Taboo: It’s all about sex.
Truth: Yoni massage is a therapeutic form of healing that uses erotic energy to dissolve tension, trauma, mental and emotional rigidities, using pleasure as a means to awaken the body and heal the soul.

Taboo: Orgasm lasts for hours.
Truth: The goal is not to chase orgasm, but to be truly aware of the sensations you feel throughout your being, naturally experiencing as many nuances of your femininity as possible.

How do you receive a yoni massage?
Close your eyes, look inside yourself. Expand your pleasure to your whole body.
Love yourself!
Allow love to permeate your whole being through your yoni. Be in touch with the whole body. Give yourself permission to receive all the pleasure that is offered to you!
When sensations are very intense breathe consciously: breathe in through your nose, breathe out through your mouth. Inhale love and forgiveness, exhale and eliminate fears and traumas. If the mind wanders through thoughts, anchor it in the present moment with conscious breathing.
Give up any attempt to control the situation! Just be! Receive!
Express yourself!
Be free to express your emotions through sounds! There is no right or wrong way to do this!
Return to the Source!
Worship the Great Mother that dwells in every woman and thanks to whom we have access to the infinite palette of shades of Femininity!


2 hours … 3000 sek
2,5 hours … 4000 sek
3 hours … 5000 sek
3,5 hours … 6000 sek

I recommend that you make an appointment with at least 3 days in advance.

My suggestion for you is to book a counselling session before your first massage therapy.

When you make a booking, you book the time of the whole session, that includes: introducing talk, shower (before/after) and the massage itself. Please respect that I really must follow a session length. Therefore, I recommend you to always book enough time for you!

For delays of more than 15 minutes, the duration of the therapy will be reduced by the duration of the delay.

What you should know about Tantra Massage

Tantra massage is not an erotic massage or a sexual service.

Sessions do NOT include sexual services, such as intercourse, oral satisfaction, „happy ending”, kissing etc. Our boundaries will be respected and honored at all times. Thank you for not asking any sexual services.

You are not allowed to touch the therapist during the session.

The session is like a meeting between you and yourself and all you are required to do is to relax fully and to aim your attention to your inner being. Leave „doing” behind and surrender to „being” instead. Your body will award you with an ecstatic state.

There can be some body to body contact.

During the session the therapist is massaging with arms, knees, legs, and it is possible to lay on you or hug you. Every session is different and unique.
The session will never include a touch genital to genital and it will not be an erotic sliding.


Shower is requested prior to the massage therapy – we offer all necessary items in this respect. Before each spiritual ritual, the body is washed thoroughly with the intention of purifying it and “washing” away all fears, anxieties and preparing for the therapy experience.