Tantra massage therapy for couple

Did you experience already a 1-to-1 tantra massage session and do you want to dive into the secrets of Tantra with your beloved one?

Do you want to enrich your erotic relationship and to make your love blossom?

Being together in a safe space, full of tenderness, consciousness, eroticism, sensuality, under the guidance of a professional, you will deepen your intimacy, you will discover new octaves of pleasure, you will sharpen your senses, you will learn to move and mobilize energy intentionally and consciously, you will increase trust. All of these aspects will help you in daily life.

In tantric massage, you will discover how to explore the whole body, to awakening dormant areas and unlocking new spaces for experiencing pleasure.

Hand in hand, with purity and trust, you will experience eroticism in a dimension of love, compassion and ecstasy.

The benefits of tantric massage itself can be found here:

I will perform the session with another therapist, male or female, depends on your whish.


2 hours … 4500 sek
2,5 hours … 6000 sek
3 hours … 7500 sek

I recommend that you make an appointment with at least 3 days in advance.

My suggestion is that you to book a counselling session before your first massage therapy.

When you make a booking, you book the time of whole session. That includes: introducing talk, shower (before/after) and a massage itself. Please respect that I really must follow a sessions length. Therefore, I recommend you to always book enough time for yourself!

For delays of more than 15 minutes, the duration of the therapy will be reduced by the duration of your delay.

What you should know about Tantra Massage

Tantra massage is not an erotic massage or a sexual service.

Sessions do NOT include sexual services, such as intercourse, oral satisfaction, „happy ending”, kissing etc. Our boundaries will be respected and honoured at all times.

Thank you for not asking for any sexual services.

You are not allowed to touch the therapist during the session.

The session is like a meeting between you and yourself and all you are required to do is to relax fully and to aim your attention to your inner being. Leave „doing” behind and surrender to „being” instead. Your body will award you with an ecstatic state.

It is not necessary for you to have an erection during this experience because it’s not intended to be a “sexual performance.”

The benefits of the tantric massage are that taking the focus away from ejaculation, you have an erotic therapeutic experience without pressure of performing, getting anywhere or „doing” anything.

Tantra teaches us to be authentic, to be real and there is no pressure for the outcome.

Tantra massage therapy is a great way to deal with erection dysfunction. Tantra massage helps you to feel the connection between your heart and your lingam.

The Tantric teaching of moving energy advises that the energy is circulated until the desire to explode into ejaculation is gone, and you reach a meditative state. The idea is that explosive orgasm which results in ejaculation leads to loosing energy. If you instead keep the sexual energy moving around the body, you will be filled with vitality and creativity.

The massage can include some body to body contact.

During the session the therapist is massaging the body with arms, knees and it is possible that she may lay on your body or embrace you. Every session is different and unique.
There will never be any erotic sliding or touching of your private parts by the therapist’s genital area during the session.

Shower is requested prior to the massage therapy – We offer all necessary items in this aspect.

Before each spiritual ritual, the body is washed thoroughly with the intention of purifying it and “washing” away all fears, anxieties and preparing for the therapy experience.