Hi, my name is Oana and I love to be a part-time therapist in Vox Amoris team!

I am an yoga teacher, tantra therapistprofessional relationship counselor and life coach.

At the age of 19 I start my journey on the Path of Tantra, together with my sister, Lori

For 11 years I devoted myself to learning various yoga and tantric techniques in order to improve my life, and I love to contribute, to offer my accumulated knowledge and my personal experience to guide and help people who want to improve the quality of their lives or experiences. 

Together with my sister, we love to create a  safe, loving and healing space for people to open to the mysteries of their beings, to enter on the path of spirituality, to connect with their highest, sublime  essence. We organized various workshops, events, activities for people to really develop a great relationship with their own body, to awaken their soul, to enhance wellbeing.

My goal is to support individuals and couples in returning to their innate power, wisdom and love, to integrate body consciousness, to discover the meaning of eroticism and the fulfillment of spirituality.

In my sessions I am using practical tools from somatic therapies, energy work, breath work and psychology.

I am delighted to help people to improve their love relationship, to bring harmony in their intimacy, to learn how to nurture the erotic potential of the couple.