Blanca, since childhood, has loved love, nature, art, spirit.

She found yoga as a teenager and this brought beautiful empowerment to her being and inspired a deep dive into a journey of self-discovery.

She was always very curious about the mysterious nature of the human body, and she intuitively sensed there was more to the sacred nature of eroticism.

In her practice as a Tantra therapist she is committed to guiding you in on a transformative journey to reclaim your true potential of love, pleasure, orgasm, joy, happiness, fulfillment.

She loves tantra massage for the incredible states of bliss, fulfillment and soul nourishment it can bring to our bodies and hearts.

She loves working with people immensely and each massage session she is offering is a foray into a magical world that gradually reveals itself as she is taking you into the realm of conscious touch in a state of total relaxation and surrender.

The practice of her tantra massage allows you to experience a life so much richer than a life without this.

“Blanca is a blessing, who has nourished my soul and helped me feel something extraordinary.”